Saturday, April 25, 2015

Michael S. Wright: Threat to Lambeth Archives

Michael S. Wright writes:


Some of your readers may be interested. Lambeth is a Borough in South London and one that possibly has some of the richest history of immigration from Africa and its Diaspora since the arrival of the Empire Windrush. This ship brought one of the first large groups of West Indian immigrants to the United Kingdom. The first arrival was 492 passengers plus a stowaway om Jamaica to London in 1948.


From: Sean Creighton

Subject: Threat to Lambeth Archives

Sent: 23 April 2015

To members of my Labour History elist

The Lambeth cultural services consultation on its libraries, archives service, etc closes tomorrow.

Unfortunately the Council server is currently down as I write this email so you cannot access the consultation documents.

The uncertainty over the future of Lambeth Archives has serious implications.

I have posted a blog item on the views on the Archives of Friends of Lambeth Libraries on my blog site along with the comments I am submitting.

If you have not been able to comment yet, please try and do so, even if its just to support the views of FOLL from a labour history perspective.

Thanks and best wishes.


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