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Charles Kaufmann of Longfellow Chorus: 'Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and His Music in America, 1900-1912,' now available for free Web viewing on Vimeo

is profiled at AfriClassical.comwhich
features a comprehensive Works List and a  
Bibliography by Dr. Dominique- René de Lerma, 

[Rachel Barton Pine performing 
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Deep
 in Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
and His Music in America, 1900-

April 12, 2015
Portland, Maine

This is a truly superb production with some very
moving dialogue and some incredibly musical
performances. . . .
The last chapters of the film
were really enlightening. The performance of
 ‘Keep Me from Sinking Down’ on the film drew
me to tears. . . .
The 1911 [Deep River] recording
of Maud Powell and the superimposition of Rachel
 Barton-Pine’s performance was an amazing
technical achievement. . . .
These are my ramblings
following my deep appreciation of the truly great
 documentary film 'Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and
His Music in America, 1900–1912
[Michael S. Wright, Chair, African to American Music
Society, Shebbear, Devon, U.K.]

For a limited time, I've made available for free web viewing
the complete 2-hour version of my 2013 documentary,
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and His Music in America, 1900-
, through

Beyond a number of leading Coleridge-Taylor experts
sharing their knowledge of facts and their personal opinions
about SC-T during the centennial year of his death (2012),
you will see and hear a number of first recordings of SC-T
works, as well as examples of Fisk Jubilee Songs and the
 related music of J. Rosamond Johnson.

(Can you find the clips of Malcolm Sargent conducting Royal
Choral Society
singing Hiawatha's Departure outside Royal
Albert Hall superimposed over the images of our Longfellow
Chorus in Washington singers in Metropolitan African Methodist
Episcopal Church in Washington?)

This is not the final cut of the film. I still have several clips from
an additional SC-T expert to edit into the film at some future

As it is, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and His Music in America, 1900-
, cements a moment in time one hundred years after the
death of this Sierra Leonean-English composer.

Our Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in America, 1900-1912, The Movie
Facebook Page
has gained numerous friends from Freetown and
other places in Sierra Leon; it's been especially interesting for me
to witness these young people connect with SC-T, and to read
their Facebook timelines.

I'll be updating progress on the final cut in the coming months.
Charles Kaufmann, Artistic Director
The Longfellow Chorus
PO Box 5133
Portland, Maine 04101

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