Thursday, December 25, 2014

John Malveaux: MusicUNTOLD will provide FREE bus transit from 1550 MLK Jr. Ave. to Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal. State Univ. L.A. 5:45 PM Jan. 17, 2015

Roy Ellsworth Harris (1898-1979)

John Malveaux of 

MusicUNTOLD and California State University Los Angeles will co-present a concert to celebrate the 150th anniversary of 13th Amendment to U.S. Constitution Ending Slavery, 7:30 PM, January 17, 2015,  Luckman Fine Arts Complex on the campus of California State University Los Angeles. 
Through the courtesy of Los Angeles County  Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe, MusicUNTOLD will provide FREE bus transportation, with 5:45 PM departure on January 17, 2015, from 1550 MLK Jr. Ave., (McBride Park). Please contact John Malveaux (562) 436-4352, for advance bus signup and purchase of concert tickets.
John Malveaux

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