Monday, July 1, 2013

John Malveaux: 8-18-2013 World Premiere honoring Dr. King by South Korean composer Dr. Joopoong Kim

Dr. Joopoong Kim

John Malveaux of writes:

Dr. Joopoong Kim is a composer and professor at Kyonggi University in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Kim was invited to write music to an appropriate Korean poem for performance during the 50th Anniversary MLK Jr. ‘SYMPHONY of BROTHERHOOD’ Concert on August 18, 2013, Zipper Hall-Colburn School, downtown Los Angeles.
Dr. Kim responded “I have searched for a poem that would be appropriate to the theme of MLK Jr. But, despite an extensive search, I was unable to find a poem that embodied the theme and message that I had envisioned. I chose to write the poem for my piece. The poem is in Korean.  Briefly, the poem introduces a candlelight to symbolize the power of MLK Jr.’s messages. A single candlelight, as it struggles to stay lit, seems weak and transient. It may flicker out at any moment. But, the candlelight has the power to illuminate an area far greater than its immediate surrounding and change from dark to light. MLK Jr.’s messages undoubtedly had the same effect to bring greater social equality in the United States.”
John Malveaux

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