Thursday, July 25, 2013 Posts Survey 'To Help Determine The Future Direction of This 10,000 Page Resource'

Prof. Quintard Taylor, Founder,

Scott and Dorothy Bullitt Professor of American History
The University of Washington, Seattle

Prof. Quintard Taylor writes:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
I need your help. Our team has put together a survey to help determine the future direction of the website.  If you wouldn’t mind, could you please take five minutes to complete this survey? Participating is easy: simply visit ( and click on the Survey Banner located at the top of any page on the site. is now over seven years old and is in serious need of both a technological and design upgrade. By being brutally honest with us, describing what you like and don’t like about the website, we’ll have a clear roadmap for improving this 10,000 page resource. Your assessment will help us chart the future for this global resource now accessed by nearly three million visitors each year. We appreciate your perspective as we work to provide the best learning tool possible.
By the way, a $100 gift certificate will be awarded to one lucky survey participant, but we hope you will complete the survey regardless because we want to know how you feel about the website itself. 

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