Sunday, July 7, 2013

Haitian Saxophonist Alland Lamour Travels to Wayne State University and Lawrence University Conservatory of Music for Lessons with Professors

Mr. Alland Lamour (L) and Prof. Jesse Dochnahl (R) at 
Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, Appleton, Wisconsin

Aline BATARD of Jacmel Music School in Haiti writes:

Leaving for the United States on February 27th, Mr. Alland Lamour, a young saxophonist who also is one of the secretaries in the Dessaix-Baptiste Music School office, returned to us this past April 19th. He spent one month in Detroit, Michigan, where he studied jazz saxophone with Professor Ernie Rodgers at Wayne State University. Then he went further west to Appleton, Wisconsin where he explored the halls of the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music. He had a number of lessons with Professor Jesse Dochnahl, and observed several other musical activities. Alland Lamour was enchanted by the ambiance at Lawrence University that enables people to work and study and returned eager to share what he had learned.

An immense thank you to Ms. Cecelia Sharpe and Ms. Janet Anthony, who helped organize this visit and ensured that everything went well.

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