Monday, December 20, 2010

Tanitra Flenaugh, Southeast Symphony Clarinetist, is UCLA Doctoral Candidate in Clarinet & Pedagogy

[Tanitra Flenaugh, Southeast Symphony Clarinetist]

December 14, 2010
Tanitra Flenaugh has played clarinet for nearly twenty years. She began her clarinet career in the fourth grade in a small artistic town in Alaska. As a budding musician, Tanitra won many statewide competitions in solo and chamber music. Tanitra obtained her bachelor’s degree in clarinet performance while studying music education. During her master’s degree, Tanitra took more interest in Latin jazz and Latino composers such as Paquito D’Rivera and Astor Piazzolla.

She is currently a UCLA doctoral candidate in clarinet performance and pedagogy studying the best practices of community arts education organizations that provide access to music education for underserved students in urban communities. Gary Gray is her main teacher and she receives regular coachings from prominent pianists Dr. Jennifer Snow and Gloria Cheng. She has performed extensively as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra member in California and booked shows all over the country. Tanitra also appears regularly with the Southeast Symphony Orchestra. In addition to performing, Tanitra has an extensive and diverse teaching background including private and group lessons on clarinet, flute, and saxophone; chamber music coaching, teacher training and lecturing on art and music appreciation.

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