Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NPR: 'Terra Incognita' by Imani Winds in '5 Best American Contemporary Classical Albums Of 2010'

[“The evocative album cover for Imani Winds' Terra Incognita is indicative of the group's affinity for American music.”]

Today on NPR, Daniel Gilliam selected the CD Terra Incognita by Imani Winds as one of the '5 Best American Contemporary Classical Albums Of 2010':

Deceptive Cadence
from NPR Classical
by Daniel Gilliam
Terra Incognita
Artist: Imani Winds
Song: Cane: IV. Natchitoches To New York

“My suggestions, thus far, have focused on composers rather than ensembles. With Imani Winds' 2010 release, Terra Incognita, three jazz composers are presented: Jason Moran, Wayne Shorter and Paquito D'Rivera. If there's one thing we learn from this disc, it's that composers are composers. The stylistic definitions of a 'jazz' or 'classical' composer are pointless here -- it's just good music. Imani Winds' members have earned a reputation for expanding the recorded wind-quintet repertoire, but in a way that's culturally significant.

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