Monday, December 13, 2010

John Malveaux: At 'The Ballad of the Brown King,' With Soprano Marlissa Hudson, 'I awarded Ms. Hudson a standing ovation'

[Marlissa Hudson, Soprano]

John Malveaux of sends us his account of the performance of Marlissa Hudson, Soprano in the Margaret Bonds and Langston Hughes choral work The Ballad of the Brown King:

John Malveaux attended the December 12, 2010 Long Beach Chorale’s American Epiphanies concert program with guest Marlissa Hudson, Soprano. I went to hear “The Ballad of the Brown King: A Christmas Cantata” (Langston Hughes/Margaret Bonds). I awarded Ms. Hudson a standing ovation for the featured piece although she was frequently held out and sat down. In addition to Ms. Hudson's pleasant singing and appearance, the piano part/score was capturing to this first time listener. I wondered if the piano part could stand alone.
The highlight of the evening to me was Ms. Hudson's solo performance of the African-American spiritual “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” arranged by Robert MacGimsey. Ms. Hudson fully showcased her voice and presentation. “Born in Pineville, Louisiana of white, Caucasian parents, Robert MacGimsey spent most of his formative years in the company of African Americans who lived and worked for and with his family. Due to their influence he wrote in the African American style and so prevalent are his songs he is often mistaken as an African American composer” - Wikipedia. The program closer was the African American spiritual "Go, Tell It on the Mountain, Roland Carter arrangement.

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Unknown said...

What a great review of Marlissa's wonderful performance! I do think it's appropriate to mention the fine work of the Long Beach Chorale, too, and to note that Ms. Hudson was "frequently held out" of the Bonds cantata only because that's what the piece calls for. All in all, this concert was a triumph for everyone on the stage and in the audience.