Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Works on CD 'Valses to Voodoo: Piano Music of Haitian Composer Ludovic Lamothe'

[Valses to Voodoo: Piano Music of Haitian Composer Ludovic Lamothe; Joshua Russell, piano (2010) (44:06)]

Joshua Russell, D.M.A., is on the faculty of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and is an acknowledged specialist in the classical piano music of Haiti. Dr. Russell has just released the first CD devoted entirely to the piano music of Ludovic Lamothe since 2001. In that year he taught at the Summer Music Camp of the Holy Trinity Music School in Haiti. The liner notes of Valses to Voodoo say: “During the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, the Holy Trinity Music School was completely destroyed along with three hundred instruments that were housed there.”

“Those of us who have been associated with the school in any capacity are committed to helping rebuild the music program, as well as the school building. To help in this cause, 50% of the net profits from this recording will go directly to the rebuilding of the music school in Port-au-Prince.” In the prior post, we wrote of the new disc: “His CD can be ordered for $15 plus shipping at his website,

The liner notes also mention the cover art: “I am grateful to Ms. Lola Poisson for generously allowing me to use her father's artwork for the cover of this project.”
In an email to us, Dr. Russell referred to his Haitian Music concert schedule: “I will keep you updated on concerts. The Nov. 10 for the Friends of the Children of Haiti is the next one, but I am busy putting together a number of concerts all over the place.” We now have the CD and are enjoying it very much. Here is a list of the works on the recording:

1. Danse Espagnole (Spanish Dance) 3:29
2. Feuillet D'Album No. 2 (Album Page No. 2) 3:09
3. Sobo 3:04
4. Loco 1:56
5. Sous La Tonnelle (Under The Arbor) 3:06
6. Valse Romantique (Romantic Waltz) 5:28
7. Habanera 3:21
8. Danza No. 3 3:59
9. Valse De Concert En La Bémol (Concert Waltz In A-Flat) 4:45
10. Gavotte Dans Le Style Ancien (Gavotte In The Ancient Style)
11. Tango 3:22
12. Libellule (Dragonfly)

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