Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mokale Koapeng's ‘Malatsi A Bosha’ 'was premiered in October, at the Unisa Music Foundation.'

[Mokale Koapeng and SDASA Chorale]

Mokale Koapeng is a prominent South African choral director and composer who sends us news periodically. Here are three excerpts are from his latest dispatch:

“My three movement suite for a youth string orchestra was premiered in October, at the Unisa Music Foundation. The work is called ‘Malatsi A Bosha’ – Days Of Thy Youth.”

“My group, SDASA Chorale, the one that features in the Simunye CD, will be going to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada next month. We are going to spend three weeks in Edmonton.”

“I have just completed a work for choir, soloists and orchestra for the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival. The artistic director of the festival is German concert pianist Florian Uhlig. The festival will be in January.”
Mokale Koapeng

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