Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boulder Weekly: 'Chamber music mash-up, Imani Winds throws expectations out the window'

[Imani Winds]

By Peter Alexander
“A tango-like serenade from Argentina? Check.
Music by a jazz musician? Check.
Straight-up Americana?
Russian primitivism? Jewish celebration music? Check, check and check. Add a piece by a local composer, and the program by the Imani Winds has just about every cultural tradition you could fit into one concert. But that’s part of the point with the Imani Winds, which will perform that program at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19, in Macky Auditorium as part of the CU Presents concert series.

"In fact, the distinctive woodwind quintet was founded on the ideal of breaking new ground, both in its makeup — all five members are musicians of color — and in its programming, which joins traditional European concert music with music from other cultures, especially African-American and Latin American.” “Just this month, Boston Globe critic Harlowe Robinson wrote that the Imani Winds are “recognized by many as the leading wind quintet in America,” noting that the group 'revels in challenging preconceptions about “classical” music and musicians.'”

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