Friday, September 24, 2010

Celso Machado Work 'Baião Barroco' is from CD 'Jogo da Vida,' CBC Records 3021 (2007)

[Celso Machado; Jogo da Vida; CBC Records 3021 (2007)]

On Sept. 23, 2010 AfriClassical posted: “Celso Machado on guitar & David Virelles on piano in YouTube Video 'Baião Baroque.'” The URL of the video is:
We have received a correction from Jessica Machado, wife of Celso Machado. She explains that the piece in the YouTube video is called Baião Barroco and is actually a track from the CD Jogo da Vida, CBC Records 3021 (2007). The CD is shown on the Celso Machado page at and is discussed in Paragraph 21.

Here is Jessica Machado's correction:
“Thank you Bill - I'm not sure who posted that song on you-tube.
Here is some info from the CD
Celso's title for this piece is Baião Barroco.
My liner notes for this piece describe it this way
music composed by Celso Machado
Celso Machado: guitar, pandeiro and mouth percussion
David Virelles: piano
recorded on Jogo da Vida, CBC Records (copyright of this specific recording is CBC Records but copyright of the composition itself is Celso and Surucua Art Productions)
copyright Celso Machado and Surucua Art Productions, 2007
Johann Sebastian Bach goes for a holiday to Cuba (David Virelles' native land), where he meets Glenn Gould and is impressed by his piano playing. They travel to Brazil and collaborate with Celso on a baião, which is a popular rhythm and dance of northeastern Brazil.
Take care
AfriClassical has deleted the September 23, 2010 post.

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