Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kelly Hall-Tompkins Joins Mark O'Connor in His Double Violin Concerto in Evansville Saturday

[Kelly Hall-Tompkins & Mark O'Connor (Photo by Jennifer Becker)]

Kelly Hall-Tompkins and Mark O'Connor
Perform the O'Connor Double Violin Concerto This Weekend

Evansville Philharmonic (Indiana)
Saturday at 8pm
September 11, 2010

Additional Upcoming Appearances with Mark O'Connor:
(full season itinerary coming soon to

September 29 - Granville, Ohio

October 1 - El Paso, Texas

October 3 - New York City (MOSA Series on Bennett Avenue)

October 24 - New York City (The Rubin Museum on 17th Street)

October 25 - Walland, Tennessee

November 3 - New York City

November 9 - Portsmouth, Ohio

December 7-8 New York City (92nd Street Y)

January 29 - Seattle, Washington

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