Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jerome Ashby '...was one of the superstar horn players of the orchestra...'; 'May he rest in peace.'

[Jerome A. Ashby (1956-2007)]

When Jerome Ashby passed away, AfriClassical posted: “In Memoriam: Jerome Ashby, Associate Principal Horn, New York Philharmonic, Dec. 26, 2007.” Yesterday we posted a comment from a fellow horn player: “Comment on Jerome Ashby: 'I was just thinking of him and wanna say I miss him very much.'” Sisko24 adds his thoughts today: “As with each of you, I too miss seeing Jerome Ashby playing onstage with the NY Philharmonic. He was one of the superstar horn players of the orchestra and many of us greatly miss him and his artistry. May he rest in peace.”

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