Monday, August 17, 2009

Support Sphinx in Arts & Culture Challenge at 10 AM Tuesday, August 18!

[Alivia, a Sphinx Overture student at her weekly lesson]

The Arts and Culture Challenge is only HOURS away!

Tuesday at 10a.m. sharp, make your support of music education count 150% and log on to

Donate $25 and it becomes $37.50, covering the complete cost of a lesson for an aspiring student in your local area.

A gift of $100, with the $50 match, provides 10 complete sets of violin strings for our musicians.

When $500 is matched by the Community Foundation, you can help us provide 7 students with beginner violins,

You can get started now and register by visiting but your gift must be made at 10a.m. Tomorrow!

Sign Up for a Reminder Call tomorrow morning by emailing your preferred phone number to

Go Mobile! Send Us your mobile number and we can send you a reminder text message!

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