Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'I am changing my position from your Teacher, to your Worldwide Advocate in the Arts.'

[Jessie Montgomery]

AfriClassical has followed the violinist and composer Jessie Montgomery for some time as she served as a Violinist-in-Residence with the Providence String Quartet and Community MusicWorks of Providence, Rhode Island. Now she has returned to New York City to study composition:
August 11, 2009
“Good luck Jessie, and we'll miss you!
Community MusicWorks staff, students, and board bid a very fond farewell to Jessie Montgomery who, after five years in Providence, has relocated to New York City to pursue her dreams as a composer. Below is an excerpt from Jessie's recent letter to her violin and Music Lab students.

“Dear Students,
“This spring marks the end of my term here as your teacher at Community MusicWorks. I want to send my personal farewell to you all and I want for you to know that I will miss you very, very much. I am going to move back to New York City, my hometown, to focus on new creative projects in composition and to team up with old friends in music.

“I am planning to attend school again for a higher degree, to learn to compose music for movies and TV and for the many musicians who live in New York. As you know, I have been composing music the whole time I have been here, and now I want to spend as much time doing that as possible so that I can share even more of my music with even more people.

“New York City is really not that far away, after all, and Sebastian even has me signed up next year for a concert or two already! So this is not a 'goodbye forever' goodbye. Just think of it as if I am changing my position from your Teacher, to your Worldwide Advocate in the Arts. If there is ANYTHING you need as you go through your studies that connects you to places beyond Providence, I will do anything I can to help.
Your adoring Teacher and Friend,

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