Sunday, February 10, 2008

Collaborative Piano: Classical Music Bloggers are Macs, Traditional Media are PCs

[Dr. Christopher Foley of The Collaborative Piano Blog]

Monday, February 04, 2008, Dr. Christopher Foley of The Collaborative Piano blog posted a comparison of classical music news coverage in traditional media and blogs. Here is an excerpt and a link to the full post:

Except for a few major newspapers, traditional news media only report on a very small segment of the classical music scene, targeted towards the media outlet's demographic, and fit into the space alloted by editors and producers.

Classical music blogs have no such restrictions, are only limited by the vision of their authors, and aren't subject to restrictions of space and economics. They are not limited by utilizing a sole medium (words), since a classical music blogger can easily expand the range of the medium through offering podcasts, online downloads, traditional books, ebooks, or even radio programs in addition to their core blog. In fact, there are huge chunks of the classical music world and its stories that literally never got their due until these types of blogs came along:

  • Africlassical - the major contributions to the classical music world from the African diaspora.

  • The Concert - written by soprano Anne-Carolyn Bird, and follows her career from graduate school to the Met and beyond.

  • Opera Chic - the scandal-filled world of the opera scene and its larger-than-life players.

  • On an Overgrown Path - the nooks and crannies of a wondrously diverse classical music culture

  • Wolf Trap Opera - the inner workings of a vibrant opera company chronicled from the drawing board until opening night.

  • Oboeinsight and Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog - instrumental niches that are usually not given their due, but in fact yield a vast wealth of insight into the art and industry of classical music (in addition to being uber-cool places to hang out).

Not to mention this humble blog, which focuses on the diverse (and lucrative) activities of those pianists that choose to make music with others and go on to become some of the busiest people in classical music even though they are often omitted from programs and reviews, and under-appreciated by the general public. Full Post

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