Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Harlem Blogscan Finds Harlem Quartet Via AfriClassical

[Take the 'A' Train; The Harlem Quartet; White Pine Music (2007)]

Uptown Flavor: The Harlem Blogscan, Feb. 22, Posted by illoquentgent

"While searching for different articles to put into the scoop here on UF I was curious to do a sort of round-up of different blogs regarding Harlem. We don’t formally have any arrangements with these blogs but I was curious to find out what else is “out there”. Call it my own little blog channel surfing. Do you read other Harlem-related blogs regularly? Tell us about them in the comments section."

"Africlassical Blog: A blog that expounds on African heritage in classical music. Not a Harlem-centered blog but I would have never known there was a Harlem Quartet if it weren't for this site. Really opens your eyes to some beautiful artists."

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