Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Audio Sample of Nigerian Pianist Sodi Braide's CD of Franck's Piano Works

[Sodi Braide: Franck, œuvres pour piano; Lyrinx\Talents LYR 249 (2006)]

On September 24, 2007 AfriClassical was pleased to post: “Piano Works of Franck on CD by Nigerian Pianist Sodi Braide”. Today we present an audio sample of approximately one minute. At Sodi's suggestion, it is taken from Track 7,
IV Variation, from the CD Sodi Braide: Franck, œuvres pour piano (Franck, Works for Piano); Lyrinx\Talents LYR 249 (2006). A link to the audio sample can be found at the bottom of the Audio page at The CD is available at various websites based in Europe, including and the Classical Music section of

Jérôme Bastianelli writes in the liner notes: “Saint-Saëns, who knew a thing or two about animals, said of his friend César Franck's Prélude, choral & fugue: 'These interminable digressions no more resemble a fugue than a zoophyte resembles a mammal.' In a sense he was right; Franck's style at the end of his life, with its elliptical harmonies and its perpetually shifting modulations, which add spice to his rather foursquare phrases, is so original that it cannot easily be compared to anything else.”

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Maryam Sharron Rahil Sarai Rasulallah Muhammad 11111000 said...

Msr. Zick,

Merci beaucoup pour le website.

Unknown said...

I have been frustrated trying to purchase a copy of Sodi Braide's CD. Is there no site in the U.S. to purchase it? I do not speak French. Thank you for your help. Reach me at