Sunday, February 10, 2008

Leo Brouwer's 'Danza del Altiplano' on “Eklectica” CD of Robin Hill

[Concierto de Volos (28:01); Orquesta de Cordoba; Leo Brouwer, Conductor; GHA Records 126.025 (1998)]

Life of a musician – Robin Hill:

Leo Brouwer is a Cuban guitarist/composer/conductor who started playing the guitar at the age of 13, giving his first performance at 17. He was initially drawn to the guitar by flamenco music and encouraged by his father, a doctor, and amateur guitarist.

'Danza del Altiplano' is the only solo piece of music on Robin Hill's Eklectica, and is track number 11. It is an atmospheric arrangement of a Peruvian folk song, and the late Peter Sensier, the BBC Radio 3 presenter said of it:

"To me it embodies all the best aspects of guitar playing, it's authoritative, musicianly, it's stamped with the personality of the soloist and is full of the sheer joy of playing music on the guitar."

There's no doubt it is a beautiful piece of music. Robin frequently performs this piece, and consequently I often hear him rehearsing it pre concert. It never fails to make me stop whatever I am doing to listen. Think the Andes. Soaring condors. Enjoy.

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