Friday, February 8, 2008

Afro-Brazilian Guitarist & Composer Celso Machado is Nominee for 2008 Juno Awards

Celso Machado is a 2008 Juno Awards nominee for “Jogo Da Vida”. The nomination is one of five for World Music Album of the Year in Canada, where he now lives. Celso Machado is an Afro-Brazilian composer, guitarist, lyricist and singer. The works he writes and performs are played by guitarists in both classical and world music genres. He was born in Ribeiro Preto, Brazil on January 27, 1953. At age seven he began performing in street bands. Machado first performed in Canada in 1986; he moved there in 1989. His many CDs consist of music composed by himself and others. His recordings, compositions and awards are listed at his Web site: Celso Machado is profiled at

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