Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Symphoria: For the concert "In The New World," "'American Fanfare' by Adolphus Hailstork (b. 1941) is an especially appropriate opener" Nov. 6-7, 2021

Adolphus Hailstork

The Orchestra of Central New York

In The New World 

Nov. 6-7, 2021

Program Notes

Peter J. Rabinowitz

Given this dizzying interplay between Europe and the United States, the 1985 American Fanfare by Adolphus Hailstork (b. 1941) is an especially appropriate opener. Arguably the eminence grise among Black composers and teachers, Rochester-born Hailstork is celebrating his 80th birthday this year. Over his illustrious career, he’s written absolute music, sacred music, and programmatic works with deep roots in US history and culture (especially the history and culture of Black Americans), including an opera about the Underground Railroad and a new tribute to George Floyd. Today’s fanfare is, in the composer’s words, “A juxtaposition of Euro-American and Afro-American styles”—the latter most evident in the blues licks that enter the piece about halfway through. 

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