Saturday, November 20, 2021

OperaCréole: Google Doodle Honors New Orleans's own Edmond Dédé on his 194th Birthday

Google Doodle Honors Edmond Dédé

You have heard me speak of him often, read of him in my recent press, and heard his music in our concerts and in our 2018 production, "Le Lions de la Reconstruction!"

But, I am inspired by this to once again ask for your help in bringing his (never performed) opera to the stage. "Morgiane ou Le Sultan d'Ispahan" is 550 pages fully orchestrated, but still in his original handwriting. It needs to be transcribed into orchestral scores, translated from French, and then produced. We need around $20K. $12K of which is just for transcription.
Only the overture has been performed- thanks to Richard Rosenberg.

If you can help, please donate at

I am truly Thankful, and I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season,
Givonna Joseph
Founder, Artistic Director
Aria Mason
Co-Founder, Production Director

 *Special Recognition 
for Creative Achievement in Opera
For our original opera 
2019 Gambit's Tribute to the 
Classical Arts Awards

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