Wednesday, May 12, 2021

CutTime Productions, LLC: Enjoy our ONLINE concert Thursday May 13 7p-8 ET; in the highest quality video yet for CutTime Simfonica!

Hey You!

I hope this eblast finds you excited about warmer weather and getting out during a safer time, thanks to widespread vaccinations. Having a double-dose last month, I’m ecstatic to return to LIVE concerts this summer, with or without ventilation! Meanwhile, I have an exciting CutTime® feature online in two days to tell you about. But first a few updates.

We’ve gotten a lot of hits on our release in March of CutTime Simfonica’s debut of Let The Children Play! This was music I heard in reaction to the Sandy Hook Shooting of 2012. Regretfully, there is some confusion to the new work and I’ll have to introduce it very clearly. Many “give up” on the recording during “the long wait” when nothing seems to happen, because the aggrieved parents were experiencing their limits of SHOCK and numbness. Play it LOUDER after the tragic part, and maybe softer with the final Allegro. It’s got a great ending, which I plan to pick up and spinoff for a new composition this year.

I recently received some much-needed Pandemic Unemployment Assistance from the state and the federal stimulus from last year! I’m so indebted to Barbara VanDusen, who has seen me thru ALL of my years since leaving DSO in 2012. I started paying her back with another new composition the full CutTime Simfonica will be premiering this summer. Romance Indeed was inspired by Barbara telling me when she and her husband Richard first met and dated. He proposed on the 5th date! I thought, this was a romance indeed!

These are all new compositions from 2020 (so MIDI recordings only). The two longer ones are for full orchestra and the full string sextet with drummer of CutTime Simfonica. They are siblings split from the same grieving for the world with four descending notes, yet couldn’t be more different compositions. The smaller is titled Funeral March and will eventually be orchestrated. But the orchestral one is now officially my ESSAY NO. 2 “Never Forget,a major step toward a complete trio of essays as Samuel Barber managed. This comes roughly 20 years since my first Essay.

So you can see I have a lot of new music for the world and I could sure use your help spreading the word, giving me feedback and showing up for events! I expect to book several local shows this summer, so be ready to pounce if one pops up near you! Btw, the quartet plays BACKYARD CONCERTS now; just never in direct sunlight, or rain obviously. Email me for a quote.

Meanwhile, enjoy our ONLINE concert Thursday May 13 7p-8 EST; in the highest quality video yet for CutTime Simfonica!
ProMusica of Detroit is graciously featuring local composers of color and we performed at their annual dinner a few years back. This short program will be hosted by WRCJ 90.9 FM radio host Cecelia Sharpe, a former student. We actually played cello-bass duets together 10 years ago. It should be a fun interview with a few probing questions. Expect critical backstory, fumbling and surprises Thursday!

This same A-team of CutTime Simfonica features Michigan Opera Theater Concertmaster Eliot Heaton, who has taken over Detroit in his 5 years. And then he trades melodies most with Musique Noire violist Leslie DeShazor. Mike List is a versatile hand-drummer light enough to balance with strings. And Daniel Winnick on 2nd violin is our solid supporter this time around. The picture up top is our recent collaboration with artist Timothy Orikri. I volunteer for him, but he pays the other players for LIVE Facebook shows!

Let me know what you think maybe by email. I'm brewing big plans to record my popular music and want to know who would be interested. Or leave us a comment on our Facebook pages or Twitter.

- Rick Robinson
Artistic Director, CutTime Productions

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