Wednesday, November 11, 2020 "Originally written for violin and piano, but soon transcribed for the cello" William "Grant Still’s 'Mother and Child' is lyrical and calm."

"Mother and Child" by William Grant Still (1895-1978) (8:35)

The 11 most relaxing pieces of classical music written for the cello

10 November 2020, 17:12 | Updated: 11 November 2020

By Rosie Pentreath  

Classical music wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful cello. Here are our favourite pieces of music for reflection and calm, starring this stunning instrument…

The cello is the instrument most reminiscent of the human voice. It has a similar range (the notes it can reach, from lowest to highest) and the timbre, or sound it makes, feels familiar and safe somehow.

Maybe that’s why so many of us take so much comfort in its soothing tones, and beautiful melodies.

And maybe composers were onto this as well, many of the greatest opting to write their very best tunes for the dignified instrument.  


William Grant Still: Mother and Child

Originally written for violin and piano, but soon transcribed for the cello by Timothy Holley, Grant Still’s Mother and Child is lyrical and calm.

Dubbed ‘The Dean of African American Composers’, Still was an American composer who wrote more than 150 works, including five symphonies, eight operas, and numerous other works.

He was the first Black composer to conduct a major US symphony orchestra, the LA Phil, in his own work.   

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