Monday, November 16, 2020

Annamarie Ewing: Black Classical Musicians

Julian Joseph: Tristan and Isolde
recorded at London's Royal Festival Hall
Released on 12 November 2020
Available for 25 days
BBC Radio 3, BBC Concert Orchestra

Annamarie Ewing of BlackClassics in the UK forwards the above performance link, which is still available for listening, and writes about Britain's Black History Month in October:

Dear Friends

This year's Black History Month has educated and entertained us with so much good music that I dare to believe that we may at last have completed our long uphill journey (struggle!) from 'raising awareness' of classical musicians of African-Caribbean heritage past and present, to establishing our ongoing presence on the world stage (on and offline!) and preparing the way for the future. We've come such a long way since BlackClassics here in the UK in 2008 and [in 2000] in the US!  So proud!

Annamarie Ewing

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