Sunday, August 26, 2018

The passing of The Dean Of African American Composers-A Remembrance by Bill Doggett

With Guest Artist, U. of Michigan Music Professor and Bass Baritone, Daniel Washington and Colours of Music Founder, Lee Pringle

George Walker meets renowned Choral Director, Arranger, Roland Carter

George Walker and Roland Carter

With Colours of Music Festival VIP donors

George Walker meets U. of Michigan's Daniel Washington with Lee Pringle, Colours of Music Founder looking on

GEORGE WALKER'S FIRST NEW YORK RECITAL  1946, from the Archive of Bill Doggett Productions given as GIFT to George Walker on his 95th birthday

Bill Doggett writes:

Dear Friends:

It is with sadness that I share the News of the passing of our friend, George Walker, the Dean of African American Composers on Thursday, August 23rd at his home in Montclair, New Jersey at age 96.
NPR did a very nice piece on him here

George and I met in October 2013 at the inaugural Festival of The Colours of Music in Charleston, North Carolina.

Since then we became friends and corresponded regarding opportunities for his music to be performed by The Los Angeles Philharmonic and other leading orchestras.   For his 95th birthday, I gifted him a Town Hall program from 1946 that had a large display ad announcing his Premiere recital as a Classical pianist.  I will never forget his astonishment at my gift [image above]

Rest in Peace, beloved Dean of African American Composers

The photos above were taken by me at the October 2013 Colours of Music Festival.  Photo Credit: Bill Doggett/Bill Doggett Productions 

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