Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bill Doggett: Charlottesville 2018-19, Legacies of The Civil War on Race

Bill Doggett writes:

Charlottesville 2017 - Charlottesville 2018
The Civil War has never ended....1865 is 2018

A Trump Era emboldened earthquake has refocused our attention on Race as the inexorable national conversation that dares speak its name.......

From Dylann Roof and The Charleston Church Massacre to Charlottesville and Black Lives Matter to Remove The Statues to July 2018 Oakland, California Bart Station tragedy #NiaWilson , we are called to bear witness....

The great grandson of Richmond Virginia slaves from The Hardaway Plantation who went on to anchor the founding in 1867 of Richmond's historic Sixth Mt Zion Baptist Church and the great nephew of Mary Frances Clarke, one of the few Virginia Black women to graduate in the Class of 1900 from Freedman's Hospital's Training School for Nurses at Howard University, California based African American historian and multi media Performance lecturer , Bill Doggett wants to bring his dynamic Performance Lecture to you.

Doggett has been a featured Guest Lecturer since 2011 presenting in city wide events sponsored by The Friends of The San Francisco Public Library and has lectured at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of California, Davis and Irvine, University of Pittsburgh, University of The District of Columbia and Oakland's Laney College.

He is the author of the critically received The Argonaut Journal feature published in the late Summer of 2015 by The San Francisco History Museum and Society, titled "Emancipation Proclamation: San Francisco and The African American Concert Singer 1880-2000"

View the genesis of an expanded Performance Lecture in which Doggett brings Confederate General Robert E. Lee back to life in the era of Black Lives Matter.
The video is Part 1 of the November 2017 Valente Lecture given at The University of California at Davis.

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