Tuesday, April 24, 2018

John Malveaux: UCLA Newsroom: After hearing Duke Ellington, some UCLA students asked if he would play a free concert in Royce Hall

John Malveaux of 
writes of this article from
the UCLA Newsletter:

"After hearing Duke Ellington play at a local club in 1937, some UCLA students asked the band leader if he would play a free concert in Royce Hall. “I’ve been waiting for someone to ask us!” Ellington reportedly answered. On the day of the big concert, Ellington mixed up the venues and drove to USC instead. He eventually did get to UCLA and delighted the crowd for more than four hours. Ellington is immortalized by sculptor Robert Graham outside the Schoenberg Music Building."

On April 22, 2018, I visited Schoenberg Hall to celebrate the music of UCLA professor James Newton. Before the concert, I had some difficulty locating the sculpture due to distance from Schoenberg Hall, its height, and partial obstruction by trees. See pics. 

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