Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ensemble 212 Performs Music by Jeffrey Mumford, Anthony Green, Valerie Coleman & Kevin Scott, 2 PM April 14, St. Philip's, Harlem

Composer Kevin Scott writes:

Good morning, all!

First, my apologies for being incommunicado with many of you, as there has been very little to no news regarding performances of my compositions to report.

However...there is good news coming this Saturday at 2:00 at St. Philip's Episcopal Church, located at 204 West 134th Street in Harlem (a flyer is attached if you can open it), if many of you can make it, pending you're in the NYC area, and this ushers in my second apology for not mentioning this sooner, unless you happen to be on Facebook, in which case you should know by now. If you don't stay in touch on Facebook, it is.

If you are around this Saturday, Ensemble 212, which is a chamber orchestra that performs a lot of new composers alongside the tried-and-true, is offering a concert of music written for woodwind quintet by African-American composers, including Jeffrey Mumford, Anthony Green, Valerie Coleman and...this personage! 

My contribution will be the first performance of the first movement of my wind quintet, composed between 2005 to 2007. This movement, entitled Passacaglia (In Memoriam Chuck Bond), is a heavy duty piece that is solemn and stoic in many ways, and as this concert is subtitled "From Grave to Groovy", I guess I'm the "grave" part in a manner of speaking!

However, I am completing final revisions of this work for an upcoming premiere in the Chicago area by members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago sometime soon. More details to follow.


More performances of my work will be forthcoming, so...stay tuned.

If you do want to come to this Saturday's performance, there are discount tickets for this concert. They can be purchased a for $12.00, using code GROOVY414 

And that is the story for now. If you can make it, great, and if not...I promise not to be a recluse for the announcement of the next performance of any of my compositions in the area!

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Scott

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