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African Diaspora Press: "Music of Sub-Saharan Africa: An International Bibliography and Resource Guide" by John Gray

Music of Sub-Saharan Africa: An International Bibliography and Resource Guide
John Gray
African Diaspora Press

African Diaspora Press

Music of Sub-Saharan Africa: An International Bibliography and Resource Guide / by John Gray (Black Music Reference Series; v. 8) (xvi, 1119 p., cloth).
ISBN: 9780984413478

For more than a quarter century African Music, the author’s acclaimed 1991 bibliography, has been a standard reference work on the subject. Now, at long last, we have its companion. Comprised of entirely new material, Music of Sub-Saharan Africa offers students, researchers and librarians a comprehensive guide to the enormous literature on sub-Saharan music which has emerged in recent decades.

The volume is organized into five easy to navigate sections—General Works; Musical Instruments; Regional Studies; African Music Abroad; and Biographical and Critical Studies—allowing users to quickly access the information they need. It also includes a detailed subject index providing a key to all of the book’s entries and another way to quickly pinpoint citations by topic, genre, instrument type, geographical location or ethnic group.
Major highlights include:
  • Comprehensiveness. Offers more than 8000 annotated entries on print and digital works published between 1990 and 2014 as well as a wealth of older material not included in African Music
  • Linguistic diversity. Covers works in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian
  • Enhanced coverage of African sources, many not indexed anywhere else
  • Broader examination of topical studies ranging from gender and AIDS to politics, migration and postcolonial identity
  • In-depth coverage of music education throughout sub-Saharan Africa
  • Two detailed sections on local and regional case studies—one focused on the four major subregions and 43 nation-states of sub-Saharan Africa and another on the diffusion of these traditions to 36 countries abroad, including major hubs in Europe, Israel, and the United States
  • In-depth coverage of the subcontinent’s panoply of musical styles—folk, pop, art and religious. Offers particularly comprehensive coverage of art and choral musics, religious music of all kinds (Christian, Jewish, Islamic and indigenous), and a broad cross-section of popular styles, both well-established and newly emergent, e.g., highlife, jazz, taarab, and hip-hop
  • Extensive biographical section documenting the careers of almost 1500 performers, composers, ethnomusicologists, and others. These range from pop icons such as Salif Keita and Miriam Makeba to literally hundreds of lesser-known oral poets, classical composers, and music industry figures. Also included are a select number of composers and performers from outside of Africa, e.g., Paul Simon, Gyorgy Ligeti, and Steve Reich, whose work has been deeply influenced by African traditions
An essential resource for all Africanist and music researchers, educators and librarians.

The author is veteran bibliographer John Gray whose previous music titles include Hip-Hop Studies; Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan; Afro-Brazilian Music; Baila!; Afro-Cuban Music; Jamaican Popular Music; From Vodou to Zouk; African Music; Fire Music; and Blacks in Classical Music.
Release date: April 3, 2018.

To order please visit the ADP website: The book is also available through most library vendors.

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Praise for the Previous Edition:
“[African Music] is a book that belongs in every university library, as well as the personal library of serious scholars of African music. It is a remarkably well-researched bibliography...which should be of use to scholars of Africa in general and of African music in particular.”—International Journal of African Historical Studies

“John Gray’s African Music is a truly outstanding achievement. The work of an experienced bibliographer, [it] is likely to become the standard reference tool on African music for the next decade or so. With a staggering 5,802 entries, African Music supersedes all previously available bibliographies in scope, the clear organization of its data, and of course, its up-to-dateness.”—African Music

Praise for the Black Music Reference Series:
“...the definitive starting point for study [of] music of the African diaspora.”—Choice

“...a milestone in Caribbeanist and African Americanist bibliography. Not only are these volumes the most comprehensive bibliographic tools available to date for the study of Caribbean vernacular musical traditions, they are surely the most balanced.”
—Kenneth Bilby, New West Indian Guide

Hip-Hop Studies
"...a worthwhile addition to all music collections...Highly recommended. All libraries. All levels."—Choice

Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan
"Best Reference of 2015"—Library Journal
"With his most recent installment in the Black Music Reference Series, Gray continues to set the standard for bibliographic guides on black music and culture...It is nothing short of a seminal work."—Music Reference Services Quarterly

" essential starting point for research on [Caribbean Carnival arts and music] that should be in libraries throughout the country, indeed the region, as well as in the collections of every serious scholar."—Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Afro-Brazilian Music
“A monumental new book on a particularly complex subject...Highly recommended.”— Choice
“ essential resource for scholars of Afro-Brazilian music and Brazilian music in general.”—Fontes Artis Musicae

"A superb reference book on a crucial field...Coverage is global, with an emphasis on works published in Portuguese, English, French, and German. [Offers] an essential tool for scholars on Afro-Brazilian music. Will also benefit specialists in Atlantic Studies and the African diaspora."—Handbook of Latin American Studies

Winner of the 2015 Vincent H. Duckles Award from the Music Library Association for ‘best book-length bibliography or other research tool.’
“Best Reference of 2013.”—Library Journal
“...a landmark work that belongs in all music libraries and Latin American and Caribbean collections.”—Choice
“A critical compendium for Afro-Latin researchers and enthusiasts.”—Library Journal

Afro-Cuban Music
“Not only is Afro-Cuban Music an essential handbook for anyone researching or merely enjoying Afro-Cuban music; it is a testament to the traditional hard-copy bibliographic guide in an era where paper resources are increasingly eclipsed by digital ones.”—Latin American Music Review
“ impressive accomplishment that will prove an invaluable resource for researchers.” —Robin Moore, University of Texas at Austin

Jamaican Popular Music
“...the first comprehensive guide to resources on Jamaican popular music. Offers a wealth of resources for the student and scholar at any level.”—Latin American Music Review

From Vodou to Zouk
“...will prove an indispensable, in-hand reference to current French Caribbean music scholarship.”—Library Journal

“…represents a major update of available bibliographical guides…exceedingly pleasurable to recommend…”—Notes (Music Library Association)

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