Wednesday, January 25, 2017

John Malveaux: "GAY GUERILLA: A PORTRAIT OF JULIUS EASTMAN", Jan. 23, 2017 at Colburn School included Eastman's The Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc (Prelude)

The New Yorker: Eastman, all but forgotten at century’s end, is now seen as a brazen pioneer.  Courtesy R. Nemo Hill Collection

John Malveaux of 

Prior to attending "GAY GUERILLA: A PORTRAIT OF JULIUS EASTMAN", January 23, 2017 at Colburn School Zipper Hall I met with Bass Baritone Devone Tines and later quickly read the New Yorker story about Julius Eastman. See The Colburn program included Julius EASTMANThe Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc (Prelude) 
Julius EASTMANThe Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc*

A week prior I discovered Crazy N_____ (four pianos) on YouTube and felt prepared for the evening. Devone mentioned in our meeting that he was singing an a acappella part and I did not ask any questions.

The program began with 10 cello players walking onto lite stage. Then i noticed high above the rear of the stage (second level) stood Devone Tines. A spot light focused on Devone and the stage light went dark on the conductor and cello players. . Devone delivered a recycling 12 minute a cappella spellbinding performance coming from above with the limitation of only about 12 different words to sing or recite. Then the spotlight on Devone went dark and the stage light returned to the ten cello players for The Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc. Hear/visualize Prelude To The Holy Presence Of Joan D'Arc

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