Thursday, January 19, 2017

Canadian Classical Radio Host Tom Quick Streams Black History Month Program, From 10 PM to Midnight EST, Sun. Feb. 12, 2017 at

George Walker (b. 1922)

Fela Sowande (1905-1987)

Latonia Moore


Canadian radio host Tom Quick is again sharing his Black History Month

programs with us this year.  The same music aired on FM 101.1 from 10 PM to Midnight EST in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada will be live streamed on the Internet at

Here is Broadcast No. 217, the Black History Month program for Sunday, February 12, 2017:

FM 101.1

Black History Month  ll

Chicago Sinfonietta:                       Lyric for Strings.  George Walker.   5.20
Conductor. Paul Freeman.            African Suite.       Fela Sowande.     10.00
                                                           Essay for Orchestra. William Banfield.  10.35


Latonia Moore:  Soprano              The Ordering of Moses.     R. Nathaniel Dett.    49.00
Ronnita Nicole Miller:  M/Sop:
Roderick Dixon:  Tenor.
Donnie Ray Albert:  Bass
May Festival Chorus.
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra,
Conductor. James Colon.

Alan Hobbins:  Piano.                         Prelude in C# minor, Op.3 No.2        Rachmaninov.    4.10 Can/Con
Alan Hobbins: Piano.                          Prelude in G# minor, Op.32 No.12       “              “         3.00  Can/Con
Alan Hobbins:  Piano.                         Prelude in B,flat major Op.23 No.2       “              “        3.40 Can/Con

Lawrence Brown:  Tenor                   So Where, then is the Contest.  “Semiramide”  Rossini. 7.45
Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra:  Support my Plan   “The Turk in Italy”  Rossini  6.20
Conductor. Constantine Orbelian.

Alan Hobbins:  Piano                          Etude-Tableau in G minor, Op.33 No.3.  Rachmaninov.  4.00
Alan Hobbins:  Piano.                         Etude-Tableau in D major. Op.39 No.9   Rachmaninov.  3.47

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