Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Johgn Malveaux: Daily Mail: Hitler's Holocaust blueprint: A new book reveals how the Kaiser's Germany used concentration camps in Africa

The Kaiser's Holocaust: Germany's Forgotten Genocuide
David Olusoga & Casper W. Erichsen
Faber & Faber

John Malveaux of 

Africans were Hitler's genocide blueprint 

Shark Island is not Namibia's only gruesome secret. Thousands more bodies are piled in a mass grave under the railway station in the capital Windhoek and more still are piled into a burial pit under the national museum.

The story of the German extermination of the Herero and Nama peoples has been expunged from the history books  -  and the tourists and scuba divers on the Shark Bay waterfront will find no mention of it in their guides.

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