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Michael S. Wright: I am just letting you know that my message has got to the UK Government

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On August 27, 2014 AfriClassical posted:

Michael S. Wright: 'Black and Ethnic Minority Representation in Music Broadcasting' in Britain

Michael S. Wright writes:

For all

I have BCC’d this in to over 100 further selected talented and influential people who share my interest in trying to get somewhere nearer to a representative balance of Black and Ethnic Minority composers and musicians in the ‘art music’ or ‘classical music’ industry. This includes many from outside the UK but it is not comprehensive and you are welcome to copy in further people.  Please see message and response below.  [Editor: Click on above link for original message]

I am just letting you know that my message has got to the UK Government. This follows some recent widely reported concerns over the totally disproportionate representation of Black and Ethnic minority people in the media industry. Please visit

It will now be interesting to see what happens following my message to The Hon Edward Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries (UK Parliament). Those who are interested, I will keep you updated.  
My next stop – and volunteers are needed to enhance my message and show we mean business! This needs to go out to other Governments via the appropriate channel– Europe, Far East,  (inc EU) and America!!!! This will be followed by work on the corporate sector. Constructive ideas to get this message through to the people with the power are most welcome now!! However, I request that we do not use the social media such as ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’.

Please accept my apologies if you have received this message more than once.

Best wishes

Michael Wright
Way House,
Nr Beaworthy,
EX21 5SL

From: VAIZEY, Ed []
Sent: 28 August 2014 08:04
To: michael wright
Cc: Heather Batchelor
Subject: Re: Black and Ethnic Minority Representation in Music Broadcasting

Thanks Michael, yes I am talking to the classical music world about this issue.

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