Saturday, August 2, 2014 Dr. Gwendoline Alpha Young Fortune, 87, of Gainesville, FL died on July 27th; Compiled 13-Part Black Classical Music Series 'We Do It All'

Gwendoline Y. Fortune
(Lance Richardson Photography)

On December 11, 2012 AfriClassical posted:

Gwen Fortune was a valued partner of AfriClassical.  We shared resources and she made many thoughtful comments on the blog.  Above is one of the recordings from We Do It All.  

Gwen had met Hale Smith (1925-2009), and she wrote a tribute on his passing:

Cooper Jung Fortune, 8, performed on violin from memory at Carnegie Hall, and was mentioned in The New York Times, we noted in this post on her granddaughter Feb. 1, 2013:

Comment by email:
Oh, my, Bill! We lost a great dear friend in Gwen's passing. She was a remarkable, very giving humanist.  Fredo  [Dr. Fred Onovwerosuoke,
Fredomusic, Inc.]

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