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Pianist Boise Queen's project: 'PNOqworks Medical' on gofundme; CD 'Rhapsody for Classic Film' is available online

Pianist Boise Queen gofundme project

PNOqworks Medical

Boise Queen:
Many thanks to Alice Alviani and the staff of Family Piano Co. of Waukegan, IL and also AFS Digital Media Services for their tireless effort in lending the use of their facility for the video's and various contributions in making the content of this site possible.

Please consider purchase of Boise's CD album "Rhapsody for Classic Film" directly from the publisher online.
With each online purchase you'll receive an additional CD of his newest work;" Windows to the World " Concerto for Piano and Orchestra absolutely free with each order.

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A newly published work composed by Boise Queen is now available on CD when making either a donation or a purchase of "Rhapsody for Classic Film"
"Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" 1973 (subtitled)
 "Windows to the World..An American Dawn"
  (c)copyrights: 1973,1987, 1991

 This work is in three movements and can be streamed on:

  This is a "contemporary-classical" work that began as a short
   piece for solo piano back in 1973.
   It has undergone numerous revisions as an orchestrated work.
   The work is only going to be available for complete online
    streaming "temporarily" to give those that might be interested
   in hearing it; a chance to do so.
 Here is a video clip of the pre-recording session of the work

Rhapsody for Classic Film for Piano & Orchestra

Piano Raptures

Performed by: Boise Bernard Queen and Orchestra
Label: T.A.P.Entertainment
Genre: Contemporary Classical
UPC bar code: 885007398226
Disc: cd
Release date: February 10 2013
1.  Rhapsody for Classic Film  2.  Somewhere
3.  A Wish In A Life And Time  4.  Naima
5.  Once I Had A Secret Love  6.  The Way We Were
7.  Lush Life
Comment by email:
Thank you so very,very much for your post concerning GoFundme/pnoqworks site:
I have always revered your outstanding work in putting website together that
acknowledges a broad range of contributions that African Americans have made in the area of
"real serious music" since the 18th century from both sides of the Atlantic. is an inspiration to me as well as to every person; regardless of ethnic origin.
Thank you again,
God Bless
Boise Bernard Queen Jr.

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