Thursday, November 21, 2013 The Diva and the Ducks: Visiting Opera Singer Chooses Urban Farm For Detroit Lodging

Operatic singer Nicole Cabell feeds the ducks (Deadline Detroit)

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By Sandra Svoboda

November 19th, 2013

OK, Soprano Nicole Cabell is definitely NOT a diva. In fact, she’s explaining why opera shouldn’t be exclusively perceived as an elitist art form.
She’s covered how the music, voices, sets, costumes and personalities blend into a moving experience for the audience. She’s reminded me that La Traviata, the production she’s in this week at the Detroit Opera House on Broadway, is the opera featured in the movie “Pretty Woman.”
Our conversation has included the discussion of how people continue to crave culture even in economic downturns and other hard times.
But then Cabell stops talking and points out the picture window next to where we’re sitting.
“Look,” she says, “the ducks are out.”
And we head to the yard so she can feed them.
Cabell, a 36-year-old veteran of the globetrotting operatic and classical music set, (see arrived in Detroit at the end of last month to begin rehearsals as “Violeta,” the lead character in Giuseppe Verdi’s best-known opera. It’s Cabell’s first time in this role, one that requires her to be on stage for most of the production while she parties, dances, flirts, loves, breaks up, reflects, and, of course, dies.

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