Saturday, June 29, 2013

Soprano Gweneth-Ann Jeffers sings excerpts from 'Flyting: a Concert Suite' by Matthew Rooke on SoundCloud

Gweneth-Ann Jeffers

Composer Matthew Rooke sends a SoundCloud sample of soprano Gweneth-Ann Jeffers performing three pieces from Flyting: a Concert Suite with a total time of 13:12, (01) Mungo's Journey, (02) At Boussa Falls, (03) Flyting segue into The Waterfall:

Flyting: a Concert Suite by Matthew Rooke
Dear William given your interest in Africans in classical music, I thought you might be interested in hearing something from Scotland.
This work also features the fine black soprano Gweneth-Ann Jeffers alongside distinguished Scottish Bass, Donald Maxwell.
With best wishes, Matthew Rooke
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Comments by email:
Here's more about her:  Sergio  [Sergio A.  Mims]
Dear Bill thank you so much for this listing - I think you are doing a fantastic job showing that people of African descent have been part of the history of western 
classical music for hundreds of years. Gwen is represented by her agent, Steven Swales...With best wishes, Matthew Rooke

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