Monday, February 20, 2012 'Flutist Curenton shines with a varied repertoire'

[Flutist Julietta Curenton (Joanna Williams)]
David Patrick Stearns, Inquirer Classical Music Critic
“In Astral Artists' one-day Spiritual Voyages Festival on Saturday, flutist Julietta Curenton rightly occupied the 'eye of the storm' slot - the middle - having been the conceptual epicenter of the three-concert event at Church of the Holy Trinity with a program that solidly bridged mainstream classical repertoire and the non-European cultures represented in the other two concerts.

She and pianist Andrea Lam followed an African American program featuring composers George Walker and Alvin Singleton and preceded music of Asian and Latin American origin with composers such as Gabriela Lena Frank and musicians such as Swarthmore's Gamelan Semara Santi.” “Often, one hears flutists fight their way into the spotlight with a more aggressive manner. Not Curenton. Her tone glows more than it sparkles, and it draws in one's ear with sounds and ideas that simply cannot be resisted.” [George Walker (b. 1922) is featured at]

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