Thursday, May 12, 2011

Haitian Composer Ludovic Lamothe, Born May 12, 1882, Can Be Heard on 'Valses to Voodoo' of Joshua Russell

[TOP: A Vision of Ludovic Lamothe; Charles P. Phillips, piano; IFA Music Records (2001) CENTER: Ludovic Lamothe; Fleurs d`Haiti, 10 Selections de Piano par Ludovic Lamothe Compositeur; Disques Victor. BOTTOM: Valses to Voodoo: Piano Music of Haitian Composer Ludovic Lamothe; Joshua Russell, piano (2010) (44:06)]

The Haitian pianist Ludovic Lamothe (1882-1953) is profiled at which features a comprehensive Works List by Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma of Lawrence University Conservatory. Prof. De Lerma says of Lamothe: “He was known as the 'Black Chopin' in acknowledgment of his performances of that composer’s works.” Vodou Nation: Haitian Art Music And Cultural Nationalism, written by Michael Largey, and published by The University of Chicago Press (2006), is an important reference source for his music.

Until last October, the only CD devoted entirely to the piano works of Ludovic Lamothe was: A Vision of Ludovic Lamothe, a 2001 CD from IFA Music Records which features pianist Charles P. Phillips. It can be purchased for $16.95 at,

On October 31, 2010 we posted: “Valses to Voodoo: Piano Music of Haitian Composer Ludovic Lamothe is CD of Joshua Russell.” Joshua Russell, DMA, is an instructor in piano at Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois. Prof. Russell has made a specialty of performing Haitian Music after teaching at a Summer Music Camp in Haiti. His CD can be ordered for $15 plus shipping at his website,

The titles of the works, and their times, are as follows:
1. Danse Espagnole (Spanish Dance) 3:29
2. Feuillet D'Album No. 2 (Album Page No. 2) 3:09
3. Sobo 3:04
4. Loco 1:56
5. Sous La Tonnelle (Under The Arbor) 3:06
6. Valse Romantique (Romantic Waltz) 5:28
7. Habanera 3:21
8. Danza No. 3 3:59
9. Valse De Concert En La Bémol (Concert Waltz In A-Flat) 4:45
10. Gavotte Dans Le Style Ancien (Gavotte In The Ancient Style)
11. Tango 3:22
12. Libellule (Dragonfly)

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