Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cuba News: 'music by Amadeo Roldan will be also performed by the Cuban National Ballet' May 6

[Centenario Natalicio de Amadeo Roldán (Centennial of Birth of Amadeo Roldán) Cuba Stamp 2000]

HAVANA, Cuba, May 4 (acn) The choreography 'Cuba inside a piano' by Eduardo Blanco will be premiered worldwide on Friday, May 6, by the Cuban National Ballet at the Grand Theater of Havana as part of La Huella de España Festival. The ballet that lasts about 10 minutes is interpreted by emerging figures of the Cuban ballet company and with music by Ignacio Cervantes, Ernesto Lecuona, Harold Gramatges and Manuel Saumell.

“Blanco told ACN that 'Cuba inside a piano' is inspired on the Cuban piano repertoire of the 19th century. The young choreographer said throughout the performance, the public will be able to enjoy great moments of the romanticism from that period. Blanco said he was motivated by the richness of Cuban music and that the choreography mixes technique and neoclassicism.”

“The Cuban National Ballet, directed by Alicia Alonso, will dedicate the performance to important Cuban singers and composers.” “'Rhythmic' by Ivan Tenorio and music by Amadeo Roldan will be also performed by the Cuban National Ballet.” [Amadeo Roldán was an Afro-Cuban composer, violinist, conductor and professor who is profiled at He was actually born in Paris to Cuban parents, on July 12, 1900. Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma, Professor of Music at Lawrence University Conservatory, has generously made his research entry on Amadeo Roldán available to this website. Prof. De Lerma points out that Roldán's full name was Amadeo Roldán y Gardes.]

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