Saturday, May 7, 2011 'Immutemur Habitu' (3:28) of José Mauricio Nunes Garcia on YouTube

[José Mauricio Nunes Garcia]

José Mauricio Nunes Garcia is an Afro-Brazilian Composer who is profiled at Born September 22, 1767 in Rio de Janeiro, he wrote a number of enduring works of art music for the Catholic liturgy. Immutemur Habitu (3:28) is one of them. The post is by Jeffrey Tucker, Managing Editor of Sacred Music: Journal of the Church Music Association of America:

Sunday, March 6, 2011
Posted by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Here is a beautiful motet re-discovered by Aristotle Esquerra, which he is using for his parish's distribution of ashes”
The performers are Camerata Barroca de Caracas and Collegium Musicum Fernando Silva-Morvan. Pictures of colonial Brazilian architecture accompany the music.

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