Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Classical Music Across Cultures' raising funds to bring 'Sphinx Virtuosi' to Greensboro, NC in October

[ABOVE: Violin Class of Marta Richardson at Peeler Open School for the Performing Arts in Greensboro, NC. BELOW: Damon Gupton conducts Sphinx Chamber Orchestra, now the Sphinx Virtuosi]

Classical Music Across Cultures
The Classical Music Across Cultures project is positioned to reach thousands of underserved yet gifted African American and Latino children, and encourage them to participate in changing the cultural stereotype of classical music.

The goal of the Classical Music Across Cultures project is to bring the Sphinx Organization's all Black/Latino chamber orchestra, Virtuosi, to Greensboro this October. Bringing the Sphinx Virtuosi to Greensboro will be a powerful gesture in many senses - artistic, social and educational. This project will help build classical music audiences, reach out to underserved public school music students, and help prepare teachers to better meet the needs of their underserved students.

The visionary for this project is Marta Richardson, a public school violin teacher at Peeler Open School for the Performing Arts in Greensboro, NC. Marta is a graduate of the UNCG School of Music, a former member of the Greensboro Symphony and founding member of the world music group Songs of Water.

The Classical Music Across Cultures project will include:

• A community concert at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, marketed and promoted through music educators in Guilford County Schools as well as through local media outlets, the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, and the University.

• Performances and instruction reaching out to 11 public schools with string programs.

• A Saturday workshop for any string student, K-12, for small group coaching...

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Thanks for the tweet@AfriClassical! CMACProject

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Thank you so much for blogging about CMAC!! I have followed africlassical for quite some time and consider it a complete honor to be mentioned. Marta Richardson

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