Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thomas Wilkins Premieres 'Trail of Tears' by Michael Daugherty in Omaha, March 26

[Conductor Thomas Wilkins]

Maestro Thomas Wilkins will conduct the Omaha Symphony in its world premiere performance of Trail of Tears, a work for flute and chamber orchestra by the popular contemporary composer Michael Daugherty, on March 26, 2010 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Lawrence B. Johnson writes in The Los Angeles Times on Jan. 31, 2010:
"Imagine a postmodern Aaron Copland or Charles Ives with a pop cultural twist, and you're primed for the music of Michael Daugherty. A composer of his time and birthright, Daugherty is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, native and the musical embodiment of Americana. His canvas reflects a 20th century cultural mosaic dotted by the likes of Elvis and Superman and Jackie Onassis. At age 55, Daugherty is also the exuberant master of his craft, an artist whose sophistication and compelling appeal can seem utterly at odds with the often kitschy titles of his works."

Boosey & Hawkes
"Commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra, Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, Delaware Symphony Orchestra, and Omaha Symphony, Trail of Tears is divided into three movements totaling 22 minutes: I. where the wind blew free, II. incantation, and III. sun dance. Says Michael Daugherty: 'One of the tragedies of human history is the forced removal of peoples from their homeland for political, economic, racial, religious, or cultural reasons. My flute concerto is a musical journey into how the human spirit discovers ways to deal with upheaval, adversity and adapting to a new environment.'"

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