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Music of Occide Jeanty, Ludovic Lamothe & Julio Racine on Haitian Program at Lawrence U. Feb. 6

[Julio Racine]

AfriClassical has heard from Janet Anthony,
Professor of Music, Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, Appleton, Wisconsin. She tells us that Haitian music will be presented at the school Feb. 6, 2010.


Tangente au Yanvalou by Julio Racine (b. 1945) will be performed by Deborah Etienne, flute & Steven Huang, piano.

Claire de Lune by Sabrina Jean Louis (b. 1994) & Choucoune by Michel Mauleart Monton & Arranged by Hector Lominy, will be performed by Janet Anthony, Carolyn Armstrong, Lindsay Schwartz & Anna Henke, cellos.

Twa wond ayisyen (Traditional Haitian Songs) Nou somm’ twa peti jandamm’ Arranged by John Jost, Solda wa Milo & Twa fwa pasé la will be performed by Singers from the Milwaukee Choral Artists under Sharon Hynsen, Director.

Dominus Vobiscum by Sidney Guillaume (b. 1982) will be performed by Shazore Shah, soloist & Friends of Haiti Chamber Choir, led by Tercy Hethkenly, director.

Documentary Film Footage, Bel Son Productions

Friends of Haiti Chamber Orchestra

Marassa é Iou by Werner Jaegerhuber (1900-1953) & Sous la Tonnelle by Ludovic Lamothe (1882-1953), directed by Janet Anthony, conductor.

Danse Capoise by Ludovic Lamothe, led by Keith Johnston, conductor.

Retraite aux Flambeau by Ludovic Lamothe, under direction of Steven Huang, conductor.

Trois Contes Haitiennes by Férére Laguerre (1935-1983); Siwo Grenadine, Ti Zwazo & Conte Haitienne will be performed along with La Delaisse et ses Soupirs by Occide Jeanty (1860-1936), under the direction of John Jost, conductor.
[Occide Jeanty, Ludovic Lamothe & Julio Racine are profiled at]

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