Thursday, February 4, 2010

H. Leslie Adams: 'Ecstasy of Love' Uses 'Lower Register' of Viola 'Extensively'

[H. Leslie Adams]

On Feb. 2, 2010 AfriClassical posted: “'Ecstasy of Love' of H. Leslie Adams Performed at Fan Club Reception Feb. 15, 2010.” The H. Leslie Adams Fan Club announced a President's day Reception for H. Leslie Adams at Seifullah's Gallery in Cleveland from 2-5 PM Feb. 15. It will feature a special performance of the composer's most recent composition,
Ecstasy of Love for Viola and Piano. The performers are Eliesha Nelson on viola and Dianna White-Gould on piano. AfriClassical has invited H. Leslie Adams to describe the new work. He has graciously provided this commentary:

Like most of my works, this piece, entitled, 'Ecstasy of Love' is a labor of love. The viola has always been a uniquely rich-sounding instrument for me. Some people have compared the violin to the viola as the difference between the taste of chicken and duck. I tend to agree, with the viola's warmth and vibrancy. The lower register in particular is especially engaging, and I've used that register extensively in this work. The instrument is capable of wide leaps and arpeggios as well, and in the middle section there is ample use of this agility. I'm so pleased to have the forthcoming presentation by two outstanding artists -- Eliesha Nelson and Dianna White-Gould. --H. Leslie Adams [H. Leslie Adams (b. 1932) is an African American composer, pianist and professor who is profiled at]

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