Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Julio Racine, Haitian Composer Born Feb. 4, 1945; Once Taught at École Sainte Trinité, Destroyed by Earthquake

[Belle Ayiti: Mizik Savant Ayisyen (Beautiful Haiti: Haitian Classical Music); Tangente au
Yanvalou; Sonate Vodou Jazz
; Haitian Folk Songs; Zanmi Ansanm Mizik Ayisyen (Friends Together For Haitian Music). Cover Art: Painting by Haitian artist Ernst Toussaint. (75:29)]

On Jan. 14 AfriClassical posted: “Earthquake Destroys Haiti's École Sainte Trinité, Where Julio Racine Taught Music, 1974-2001.” It read,in part: “Haitian composer Julio Racine is profiled at Julio was on the faculty of the school from 1974 to 2001. Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma of Lawrence University Conservatory is our principal adviser and a colleague of Prof. Janet Anthony. Today he informed us: 'Haiti's École Ste. Trinité, whose students have been the object of so much dedication and work by Prof. Janet Anthony and her colleagues for many years, has been totally destroyed by the earthquake.'”

Julio Racine is
a Haitian composer, arranger and flutist who was born in Port-au-Prince on February 4, 1945. Belle Ayiti - Mizik Savant Ayisyen (Beautiful Haiti - Haitian Classical Music) (75:29) is a 2007 release by Z.A.M.A. It is sold online at Educa Vision. Julio Racine is one of four Haitian composers represented on the CD. Three of its works are by Julio Racine: Tangente au Yanvalou, Sonate Vodou Jazz and Haitian Folk Songs. He began taking flute lessons at age 12, and entered the Conservatoire National at age 15. Julio retired in 2001 and now lives and composes in Louisvile, where he attended the University of Louisville School of Music on a sholarship from 1970-74. He immediately joined the faculty of École Sainte Trinité. Dr. Jean Montès, Professor of Music at Loyola University in New Orleans, is responsible for more performances of Julio Racine's compositions, and his arrangements of Haitian folk music, than anyone else.

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