Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Soweto Strings' DVD Features the BUSKAID Soweto String Ensemble

[Soweto Strings, DVD of a film by Mark Ridel, featuring the BUSKAID Soweto String Ensemble]

David Burnett,, publishes the “The Collective - Newsletter for & about African American and Latino Musicians.” The current issue includes this news:

“I am happy to let everyone know that the Soweto Strings documentary DVD about the string program in South Africa is now available! The documentary has been completed and is now available for purchase via their website

"As I finished teaching at Harlem School of the Arts one evening, a few years ago, I noticed a group of Black students with string instruments walking in Harlem. So I went up to them and asked them what kind of music they perform and when they were performing. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were classical musicians and were in Harlem on tour from South Africa and were about to play a concert at a Church in Harlem. So I bought a ticket and attended the concert. What I saw was absolutely amazing! The students were fantastic! I've kept in contact with them over the past few years and got an Email from them two weeks ago, letting me know that a documentary DVD on them was completed. I put in an order and received a copy. This DVD is a must for anyone that wants to see a truly inspiring story.”

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